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Please make certain that your new prospective buyers are aware of the
Seller's terms and procedures before they submit the ICPO.  The
critical procedural order is as follows:

 Buyer issues non operative DLC that is confirmed by Seller's bank

 Seller responses with 2% PB to Buyer's bank

 Seller provides POP bank-to-bank

 Seller provides copy of export license, etc.(reference expanded #8 in
 the Terms and Procedures section of the contract)

 Seller issues Letter of Invitation to visit yard and loading port

 The Seller WILL NOT change the order of his procedures for any reason.
 This is key for ALL prospective Buyers to know before they submit ICPOs or

Seller pays $1.25usd commission per MT.


NO Over price.



Date: January 15, 2012 Offer valid until further notice!

We confirm availability of Used Rail (R50-R65) and HMS 1&2 (80/20) (ISRI 27-29)


Chemical Composition of Used Rails: Carbon: 0.54 to 0.82% Manganese: 0.60 to 1.05% Silicon: 0.18 to 0.40% Sulphur: 0.035% max Phosphorus: 0.035% max As.: 0, 01 max of Mass share Norms: R-50 GOST-7173-75 and R-65 GOST-8165-75 the scrap consists of R-50 (51, 67 KG / m) R-65 (64, 72 KG / m); LENGTH: 6 - 12 Meters


10,000MT Used Rails @ US$390/MT x 12; CIF ASWP, Bulk Shipment;

30,000MT Used Rails @ US$375/MT x 12; CIF ASWP, Bulk Shipment;

60,000MT Used Rails @ US$365/MT x 12; CIF ASWP, Bulk Shipment;

90,000MT Used Rails @ US$355/MT x 12; CIF ASWP, Bulk Shipment;


Steel scraps shall be considered free of alloys when the residual alloying elements do not exceed the following Percentage Points: Nickel (0.45)...Chromium (0.20) Molybdenum (0.10)...Manganese (1.65)...The combined residuals shall not exceed a total of (0.60) Percent


10,000MT HMS 1&2 @ US$400/MT x 12; CIF ASWP, Bulk Shipment;

12,500MT HMS 1&2 @ US$385/MT x 12; CIF ASWP, Bulk Shipment;

30,000MT HMS 1&2 @ US$380/MT x 12; CIF ASWP, Bulk Shipment;

60,000MT HMS 1&2 @ US$370/MT x 12; CIF ASWP, Bulk Shipment;

Country of Origin: Spain; European Union; Japan

Inspection: SGS Payment Terms: 100% Irrevocable, Non-transferable LC Confirmed; payable at sight against full documents Loading Ports: Barcelona; Madrid; Japan

Procedures NON-Negotiable

Seller Details Below

1* Agent issues Soft Corporate Offer; (This SCO)

2* Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order in favor of the Seller with Full Banking Details and soft probe authorization and signed  NCND

3* When ICPO / LOI Accepted, Seller issues FCO and Draft Contract.

4* Buyer returns final Hard Copies of the Contract, Signed and Sealed, to the Seller;

5* Within 7 days of receiving the signed Contract back from the Seller;

6* Buyer issued L/C letter of credit non-transferable or transferable & assignable, mt700 on Bank to Bank basis;

7* The Seller Bank respond with a 2% PB, Bank to Bank basis of Buyer’s Bank, the

Bank of Seller provides to the Buyer’s Bank on Bank to Bank basis POP.

8* 8.1. Receipts and SGS.

8.2. Copy of the Export License

8.3. Copy of bank Swift POP confirmation for delivery.

8.4. Copy of the factory Commitment to produce the product.

8.5. Copy of statement of availability of the product.

8.6. Charter party agreement.

8.7. Within three (3) international banking days Buyer shall carry out the verification

and confirmation of full POP , and send via SWIFT MT103/23 to Seller Bank as payment for the first batch quantity, and MT103/23

9* The visit to the yard and loading port commence to see product shipped.

10* Delivery and Shipment commence as per Contractual Schedule.


Because world governments regulate commodity trading, it is important to know the buying potentials of buyers, because sellers of direct commodities are few and they have begun to organize their companies and also the market. In that way, from now on, for commodities such as Used Rails or any other type of commodity, if Seller receives a document that does not correspond with the real capacity of the buyer, it will be reported to the ICC and INTERPOL. People who receive and sign a legal contract, and then do not comply with the terms and conditions stated on such document, will be punished for criminal action.


Seller will not provide past B/L, SGS or the AQSIQ numbers. The real important thing right now is to make sure that Buyer understands and accepts ALL the terms of the offer; Prices are for each Contract, subject to change based on market conditions. We are looking for serious Buyers who can provide Documents ICPO / LOI and via Bank SWIFT (MT700).


A trial order is allowed and the payment is at destination port for the trial order.


That means the buyers will get all info including SGS etc before any payment.


However a contract has to be signed  and POF provided before the trial order.



No photos are available.




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